about us - general information about the web site, why it's here, what you can do with it and some background on the niskayuna, new york, pezdek family.

wbwa_solutions - information on the application programming, database development and network configuration services offered through this web facility.

family oriented (newest first/oldest first) - access to all of the pictures taken of all of the members of the family since the inception of digital photography ... these collections go way back so curl up in a comfortable chair and enjoy.

travel oriented (newest first/oldest first) - access to all of the pictures taken on the couple of trips we've taken tahat were worthy of recording ... these collections go way back so curl up in a comfortable chair and enjoy.

weddings (newest first/oldest first) - access to the weddings that we've been fortunate to be invited to.

best overall pics - access to our hands-down favorite pics of all time - take a look at them and you'll see why.


links of potential interest - link to a listing of (you guessed it) links that the staff of wbwa_solutions finds pretty interesting and usefull.

links to mini-blogs - integral to the pezdek.com website are several "mini-blog" discussion areas. These areas are userid/password protected but provide a means of exchanging information, comments, etc.
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forgot password - the family photo area and several other sections of the pezdek.com website are password protected. you would have received a password/userid combination upon your original request to join our community - if you forgot yours, this is the link you want to press.
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The <pezdek.com> web site is designed to share pictures and info between the family and friends of the Niskayuna, New York Pezdek family and, to be honest, to provide me with a little entertainment and to keep me somewhat involved with internet application work - thanks for indulging me!

Another hobby interest of mine is to take photos of nearly anything/everything that moves and a lot of stuff that doesn't ... this web site allows me a means by which to catalog, search and present a lot of those images.  Feel free to browse the photo libraries or links of interest sections of this web site by clicking on the appropriate Main Menu options above.

We hope that you don't mind, but the internet is the internet and you can never be too careful these days - in that light, I've password protected access to the Family Photo section of this website. Don't worry though as there's an easy to fill out form in order to get a USER NAME and PASSWORD ... once you get 'em, you'll only have to enter them once in order to take a look at some really great shots! (Hint: the picture area is where the action is on this web site so ... check out the travel pics and, if you're inclined, ask for a username and password for the family pic area!)

image and like to wordpress maintained image library PLEASE NOTE: For those wanting a responsive web experience (and faster load times for selected photos), visit us at our WordPress site by clicking HERE. Again, please note that both web sites work just fine regardless of what you're using to access this site ... there are no "platform" limitations as to what you can do here but "size" really does matter in that the smaller the platform (ie. your 4-inch iPhone), the harder it's going to be to do certain functions.

REGISTERED USERS: If you're a registered user of pezdek.com and have forgotten your USERID and PASSWORD, click HERE and the needed info will be sent to the EMail account which you gave us during registration.  You'll need this information to access our Family Pictures sections.